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“Following my energy transmission from Laura, I felt a tremendous feeling of peace. My body felt relaxed and grounded. I felt my inner chi flowing more freely and my mental anguish was significantly reduced. I had the sense that I could relax and that my body was healing in an optimized way. The transmission from Laura reduced my recovery time following surgery and allowed my body to heal with super efficiency. I highly recommend Laura’s energy work. She is a truly gifted healer.”

“I was experiencing an uncomfortable separation from my body, out of tune, with some lack of awareness.  Within a week after the energy transmission, that separation was completely gone.  I felt more in alignment and clear in my self-awareness   Also, after the session, I felt more settled, as if I had been on a weekend rounding course.  A weekend rounding course is a course where one meditates and rests for 4 to 5 hours in the morning and for 1 to 2 hours in the evening, for two days.”

W. B.

“For about a week before my session, I had intermittent pain of an unknown origin in my right shoulder, which traveled down my upper arm when I moved it in certain ways. During my session, I felt very relaxed and peaceful, and this continued during the rest afterwards. I then had increased energy and was able to do a task that I had been putting off because of low energy. The next day I noticed the pain in my shoulder and upper arm had diminished considerably, and I could move more freely.”

S. O.

“That was quite an experience.  During the transmission, I felt blissful, calm, expansive energy in my heart.  The sensation of defragmentation, then cool energy in my nerves opening down to ground source through me in my environment.  I was feeling blissful, but ungrounded before the session, but I felt more blissful and grounded after the session.”

A. C.