Love is Like a Candle

//Love is Like a Candle

Love is Like a Candle

I often travel away from my beloved husband, and I never felt that the words “I miss you” gave justice to my true feelings about being away from him. Recently, I finally found the words that gave true expression to my feelings, perfectly.
Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has said that “Love is like a candle. You can feel the heat and see the light. “When one is away from their loved one, the warmth is still there, but one cannot see the light.”

After hearing this, I wrote my dear husband to share this beautiful, more accurate way of expressing my feelings about being away from him:

“I miss you does not accurately describe the feeling I have when I am away from you. I feel you deeply in my heart, and I can see you, in my mind, but, the light is different when I see you in person.  Then, your incandescence is more radiant.”

There is nothing more satisfying that a beautiful love relationship, and, yes, I am definitely including the beautiful relationship with the Divine, the Universe, one’s Self, as well as one’s relationship with their partner or spouse. In our marriage, our relationship with Nature, the Divine, precedes our relationship, thus enhancing it.

A good relationship warms the heart, encourages the heart to grow, and naturally resonates and reverberates with the vibrations of the Universe. The purity and innocence of Divine based love holds the relationship in resonance with the wholeness of the Universe.

My husband and I have been blessed to have a very loving relationship. We participated in a number of trainings to improve our communications, as we are from different countries with subtle cultural differences. These programs helped enhance the natural spiritual foundations in our marriage. Since my husband and I have been receiving Trivedi Energy Transmissions from Mr. Mahendra Trivedi, these foundations in our relationship, our emotional intimacy and subtle layers of communication have deepened and enhanced, beyond our expectation, on all levels.

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Laura is an authentic healing facilitator, gifted communicator, and quietly focused leader. She is committed to harnessing and transmitting Universal Life Force Energy to transform human, animal and plant life, as well as nutraceutical supplements, potentiating their highest and best expression for wellness and quality of life. Sophisticated, leading edge, internationally approved scientific methods validate cogent results of her abilities. She is devoted to enhancing all quality of life factors, on the level of body, mind and Spirit for the benefit of humanity.

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