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//Let your Spirit Lead

Let your Spirit Lead

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has consistently guided individuals to “Let your Spirit Lead”. I was attracted to his wisdom and the Healers Mastery Program because his mission was to connect individuals to the God of their understanding for the individual’s personal development and evolution, for the betterment of humankind.

To “Let your Spirit lead” is an integral factor in living life in Divine Grace, Spiritually nourished. It is essential if one wants to live gracefully. Mr. Trivedi says that individuals are 99% Spirit. One must make the choice to “Stay connected” and commit the brain and body to continuously follow Spirit.

There are many individuals, or Spirits, affecting one’s daily life, in interactions with family, co-workers, associates, clients, affecting one’s thoughts, words and actions. It is a significant part of personal growth to develop Spiritual integrity which allows one to live in Divine Grace, Spirit led.

When one has a clear connection with the Divine, distractions cannot affect one’s Spirit. The Spirit reigns in integrity. The chances of mental disturbances, such as anxiety, adhd, add, unwanted thoughts, and useless thoughts evaporate. Then, one’s Spirit will always be productive, always in the present. At this point, the individual will become independent, or God dependent. One can think about the future; one can think about the past; one is automatically in the present, moving forward, Divinely led.

It is important to remember that one is committing to follow Spirit, “Let your Spirit Lead”, not lead Spirit. This distinction, this level of discernment, is significant when functioning in any capacity. It is even more crucial to understand that one must follow Spirit, especially in a position of leadership.

Allowing the brain or body to attempt to lead or supersede the Spirit, is ego driven behavior, which causes stress, due to the disconnection from the Divine, and limits one’s potential. Brain and body driven behavior is also a form of selfishness, as it is small self-driven, rather than Spirt driven.

Mr. Trivedi has said that selfishness is like an octopus with tentacles of greed, delusion, dishonesty, ego, uncaring, and other characteristics which limit the flow of Divine in one’s Self-expression. It is suffocating to oneself and to others, limiting the potential for personal growth and development.

The true expression of Spiritualism is when one surrenders to follow the Spirit’s lead, according to Mr. Trivedi.

Connection with the Divine through these Life Force energy transmissions, establishes and reinforces surrender to Spirit led behavior and enhances one’s potential for growth and self-actualization.

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Laura is an authentic healing facilitator, gifted communicator, and quietly focused leader. She is committed to harnessing and transmitting Universal Life Force Energy to transform human, animal and plant life, as well as nutraceutical supplements, potentiating their highest and best expression for wellness and quality of life. Sophisticated, leading edge, internationally approved scientific methods validate cogent results of her abilities. She is devoted to enhancing all quality of life factors, on the level of body, mind and Spirit for the benefit of humanity.

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