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Laura Is An Authentic
Life Force Energy
Healing Facilitator

Laura is an authentic healing facilitator, gifted communicator, and quietly focused leader.  She is committed to harnessing and transmitting Universal Life Force Energy to transform human, animal and plant life, as well as nutrients and pharmaceuticals, potentiating their highest and best expression for wellness and quality of life. Sophisticated, leading edge, internationally approved scientific methods validate cogent results of her abilities. She is devoted to enhancing all quality of life factors, on the level of body, mind and Spirit for the benefit of humanity.

Laura completed her B. A. in Mathematics and B.A. in Economics, cum laude, in 1983, at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. She applied her education and skills in management, personnel, organization, development, and leadership, working, successfully, as a systems analyst, advanced software designer, and manager.

Achieving distinction as a software designer and developer of compiler like front end processor tools for software validation and verification, she spearheaded a number of successful design and development tasks, as well as a successful contract bid, and led a team of seventeen professionals.

In her youth, she perceived higher consciousness and its influence on all life and potential for growth. She volunteered to teach and work with special needs and underprivileged children and adults, as well as women’s leadership and empowerment programs.

Born a natural healer, she then felt called to further develop her healing gifts, spirit, and consciousness. She studied Reiki, learned to meditate and practice yoga, attained certification in Shiatsu (acupressure). She completed her M. A. in the Science of Creative Intelligence, in 1997, at Maharishi University of Management. Laura also became a Transformational Prayer Worker. She was ordained as a non-denominational minister, serving a community which welcomes members of all faiths, focusing on the individual following their personal Divine Guidance.

Attending seminars with powerful transformational and energy healers, she sought an individual, who embodies and catalyzes the power of consciousness and human potential for enhanced existence, with scientifically proven results.

In 2010, shortly after her father had experienced a stroke, Laura met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, from whom she received her first Trivedi Energy Transmission. After receiving this Trivedi Energy Transmission, everything in her world turned for the better. Her father’s recovery accelerated on all levels: mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

The family seemed to be redirected as a whole towards positivity, goal-oriented thinking, and more awareness of the progress and lighter side of his recovery, rather than despair and sadness. Laura was deeply moved and inspired by Mr. Trivedi and the uplifting, potent, and pervasive healing effects of Trivedi Energy Transmissions and recognized Guruji as a true embodiment of human potential.

The positive effects of the Trivedi Energy Transmissions on Ms. Streicher and her family, as well as the over 350 peer reviewed verified scientific publications verifying significant results, were compelling. Trivedi Energy Transmissions optimize the potential of the subject, catalyzing significant alterations in cellular, molecular, and atomic structure, leading to lasting changes in their characteristics and behaviors.  This powerful phenomenon is known as The Trivedi Effect®.

Convinced of the power and authenticity of the Trivedi Effect®, Laura enrolled in the Trivedi Energy Transmission Program and, subsequently, joined the Healers’ Mastery Program at its inception.  As a result of her participation, all aspects of her life have been continuously and cumulatively enhanced.

Selected as a member of Group 1, for experiments devised by Mr. Trivedi to test several groups’ abilities in demonstrating significant results, she and her fellow Group 1 members coherently focused Universal Life Force Energy, at the same time, but at different locations around the world, to one location, producing significant results which promise practical application in human health.

Laura is amongst the members of the Healers Mastery Program who have undergone scientific research to test their ability to apply Universal Life Force Energy to produce significant impact.

The results of the science experiments confirm that Laura is a coherent conductor for enhancing the physicochemical properties of herbo-mineral products and nutrients, as well as human health.

She has participated in numerous meticulously designed scientific projects, with independent testing, the results of which have been published in eleven international, peer reviewed scientific periodicals.

Laura has demonstrated the ability to harness and transmit Universal Life Force Energy, with intent, through which the energy which behaves intelligently, actualizing authentic healing, specific and beneficial to the recipient’s individual requirements, anywhere on the planet, at exactly the right time.

Laura’s D3 result were recently published with significant increases in ALP (alkaline phosphate), collagen and bone mineralization in the treated groups. The results indicated that Biofield Energy Treatment might be vital in promotion and maintenance of strong and healthy bones and quality of life by assisting them in maintaining optimal vitamin D levels. It regulates the osteoblast function, improves bone mineralization, and calcium absorption in wide range of bone disorders, along with wide range of adverse health conditions, comprising cancer and certain autoimmune diseases.

Laura has also recently participated in a new science experiment impacting seven areas of human health, including, kidney, liver, heart, lung, brain, and two areas of bone health. Results are pending.

Laura is committed to consciousness based, scientifically validated Universal Life Force Energy Transmissions to benefit humans, animals and plants. She is a catalyst for applying life force to enhance the nutritional value and effectiveness of nutraceuticals and other sources of nutrition. Laura’s mission is to usher in a new era of preventative and complementary health care which integrates science with consciousness for the benefit of humanity.